under a vast ocean of stars incredibly powerful landscapes inspire unique expressions. Stellar Sea is the deep reflection and insight of Peachy in collaboration with the deep understanding of Jez Conlon, LJ Devlin and Danila Rainow.


    At the core of Stellar Sea is Peachy, who interprets life as we know it creatively when the opportunity exits beyond working full-time in mental health promotion and nurturing 3 teenagers.


    In 2020 she is blessed to find moments of creation and soul connection with Jez Conlon, LJ Devlin and Danila Rainow.


    Since being a young human, Peachy has been deeply committed to a safe climate and a sustainable future. This forms the core of her song-writing - connection to earth, despair from the destruction, a personal commitment to making a difference.

    Stellar Sea was born New Years Eve 2015 when a jam with Matt D'Penguin turned into a 3 day music bender.


    The Stellar Sea journey has taken many twists and turns since then, with different band members, different genre's and elements, different performances, and breaks because we were all too busy. Matt's now moved to the East Coast where he is sending lots of pics of himself looking happy by the ocean, and there are plans to record the electronic explorations of the past few years, however Stellar Sea will continue on in Central Australia returning to its roots as a melodic punk rock outfit.


    In 2020 it is big times on the planet with bushfires, floods, the pandemic and significant uncertainty. Stellar Sea is currently exploring the isolation and uncertainty with messages of hope in 'Songs from the Precipice". The project is a creative response to climate and planetary crisis and how to be a living breathing feeling human amongst it all.


    Stellar Sea Desert Festival Promo 2019

    Stellar Sea 2018

    Stellar Sea NYE 2015

    Stellar Sea Pash Me Desert Festival 2016

    Stellar Sea Desert Music Club 2015


     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND


    Vocals, Songwriter

    Peachy is a seasoned musical performer, artist, events organiser and a committed environmental and social activist, with her art reflecting her connection to country and her passion for the environment. In Alice Springs has worked for the Arid Lands Environment Centre and Wide Open Space Festival, and is currently working to raise the profile of mental health in the community. Her recent passion is feather-fan dancing, performing in theatrical duo Fan Fatale, and she provides a significant contribution to the Alice Springs cultural landscape.

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Jez Conlon

    Bass, Sound Engineer

    Jeremy Conlon is freelance sound engineer and producer. He moved to Alice Springs after working for a number of years for PAW Media in the remote Northern Territory community of Yuendemu. He is also known as the central Australian composer and electronic musician 'Cooperblack', incorporating synths, drum machines, and distant voices to produce new wave melancholic electro pop songs. He is a member of Cloud Sequence, an experimental electronica duo based in Mpwarnte.

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    LJ Devlin

    Vocals, Guitar

    LJ is a singer-songwriter who moved to Alice from Ireland in 2015. She is a songwriter, front woman and guitarist originally with The TreeSleepers, who toured Ireland and Europe for 9 years, releasing two (and a half) albums and making many friends and memories. LJ works as an event production manager all over Australia, as well as playing in her own band.

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Danila Rainow


    Danila is an Alice Springs local, deeply connected to country and culture. A multi instrumentalist, Danila is also a unique innovative concrete artist from the heart creating works for sale on his Instagram profile. He is also in LJ's band,


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